Terence’s Take: Episode 35 “Dick Vitale is Awesome, Baby, Part II”

Here's the second of a two-part interview with Dick Vitale, ESPN's king of college basketball. In this one, he discusses this season, including why...

Terence’s Take: Episode 34 “Dick Vitale is Awesome, Baby, Part I

Here's the first of a two-part interview with Dick Vitale, ESPN's king of college basketball. He discusses The Book, The Honor and The Season. Wait...

Terence’s Take: Episode 33 “This Thanksgiving, Dallas is more than Football”

Yeah, Thanksgiving Day brings us Redskins-Cowboys in Dallas. But what about the JFK assassination?

Terence’s Take: Episode 32 “Fantasy Football and Le’Veon Bell. Yikes.”

Le'Veon Bell is killing Fantasy Football. Just ask Atlanta Fantasy Football expert Jaylon Thompson.

Terence’s Take: Episode 31 “Here’s Notre Dame vs. Florida State right now and back...

The Florida State game isn't a gimme this week for Notre Dame. Oh, and I was present 25 years ago for that Game of...

Terence’s Take: Episode 30 “Willie McCovey was a Giant!”

Well, Willie McCovey just died, and I have so many memories.

Terence’s Take: Episode 29 “Sean McVay, John McVay and the LA Rams”

John McVay, the most under-appreciated person in NFL history, is the grandfather of Sean McVay, the brilliant young LA Rams coach. You have to...

Terence’s Take: Episode 28 “You won’t believe THIS about the 1998 Atlanta Falcons!”

WOW! Twenty years after the Dirty Birds took Atlanta to its first Super Bowl, Terance Mathis reveals some amazing things never heard before.

Terence’s Take: Episode 27 “OK, stop trying to fatten Notre Dame football for the...

Pitt? Navy? Syracuse? Don't be fooled. Notre Dame's football schedule is still brutal!

Terence’s Take: Episode 26 “Listen to vintage Ted Turner”

With the ailing Ted Turner in the news, here's an audio recording of my first interview with the guy from 36 years ago.