Terence’s Take: Episode 28 “You won’t believe THIS about the 1998 Atlanta Falcons!”

WOW! Twenty years after the Dirty Birds took Atlanta to its first Super Bowl, Terance Mathis reveals some amazing things never heard before.

Terence’s Take: Episode 27 “OK, stop trying to fatten Notre Dame football for the...

Pitt? Navy? Syracuse? Don't be fooled. Notre Dame's football schedule is still brutal!

Terence’s Take: Episode 26 “Listen to vintage Ted Turner”

With the ailing Ted Turner in the news, here's an audio recording of my first interview with the guy from 36 years ago.

Terence’s Take: Episode 25 “What’s a sack these days in the NFL?”

In the NFL, you can't tackle anymore. So I'll tell you what's going to happen.

Terence’s Take: Episode 24 “Is Bill Belichick nuts?”

If you hate the New England Patriots, good news! Bill Belichick has lost his mind.

Terence’s Take: Episode 23 “So I’m Really Your Father?”

WOW! You didn't hear everything from ESPN this week about an NFL coach searching for his parents. Old pal Sherman Smith gave me more...

Terence’s Take: Episode 22 “Is Soccer Great for America?”

Believe me, you can have strong arguments on both sides about whether or not soccer is great in America. Just listen to this!

Terence’s Take: Episode 21 “Just get rid of football, OK?”

Is it time to kill football? The sport can't keep living like this. Well, if you call this living, and Bill Curry has his...

Terence’s Take: Episode 20 “So You’ve met Oprah, been around Mandela and who else?”

Noted author Wil Haygood has this new book called "Tigerland." But this interview is about way more than that! Listen for yourself.

Terence’s Take: Episode 19 “How are Donald Trump, LeBron James and Michael Jordan Connected?”

OK, I have more than a few thoughts about the trio of Donald Trump, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan. So pull up a chair...