Terence’s Road to Super Bowl LIII: Episode 13

Suddenly, I covered one Super Bowl, then another, and they just kept coming! You have to see and hear this!

Terence’s Road to Super Bowl LIII: Episode 19

Would you rather the Atlanta Falcons go to the Super Bowl, or the Atlanta Hawks make it to the NBA Finals? I ask Atlanta...

Terence’s Road to Super Bowl LIII: Episode 5

The Next Super Bowl is in Atlanta, so you know what that means for the hometown Falcons? Yikes! Then again, hmmmmm

Terence’s Road to Super Bowl LIII: Episode 18

So this is how it will look on Super Bowl night in Atlanta on February 3rd? Yeah, kind of.

2 Minutes with Terence: Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2018

With the Atlanta Falcons opening their training camp a few days ago, I have some thoughts. What a contrast! I’ll start with this video,...

Terence’s Take: Episode 28 “You won’t believe THIS about the 1998 Atlanta Falcons!”

WOW! Twenty years after the Dirty Birds took Atlanta to its first Super Bowl, Terance Mathis reveals some amazing things never heard before.

NFL owners drop-kick Donald Trump while trying to score touchdown with players

Just like that, NFL owners showed Thursday night they are more terrified by a bunch of angry players than an avalanche of presidential tweets. Good. What...

Well, the Cleveland Browns botched another NFL Draft

Not surprisingly, the Cleveland Browns blew it. I mean, what in the name of Tim Couch were team officials thinking when they used Thursday...

While NFL owners are doing something nobody is mentioning, Donald Trump keeps watching...

In case you haven’t noticed, NFL owners aren’t afraid of Donald Trump anymore, and this is huge. Not only for the league, but for the...