NFL owners drop-kick Donald Trump while trying to score touchdown with players

Just like that, NFL owners showed Thursday night they are more terrified by a bunch of angry players than an avalanche of presidential tweets. Good. What...

Here’s a Mother’s Day tribute to somebody I’ve known pretty well

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I'm going to tell you about the greatest such person of all-time. Yeah, I'm biased, but it's true. I could...

2018 NFL Draft: First round sets record for quarterback picks

This is about the NFL's silliness regarding Lamar Jackson. It's just that I'm going to set up the whole thing with the following: During...

Just get rid of Julio Jones

Memo to the Atlanta Falcons: Water is wet, the cow didn't jump over the moon, and Julio Jones really is upset with the franchise. OK,...

OK, please stop falling for Donald Trump’s “mind games” with the NFL

Just so you know, I'm taking credit for the Philadelphia Eagles doing the right thing by telling Donald Trump to find another group of...

Terence’s Take: Episode 7 “NFL Rules on Kneeling”

Today, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that players who come onto the field are required to stand for the national anthem. In this special...

Terence’s Road to Super Bowl LIII: Episode 5

The Next Super Bowl is in Atlanta, so you know what that means for the hometown Falcons? Yikes! Then again, hmmmmm

Well, the Cleveland Browns botched another NFL Draft

Not surprisingly, the Cleveland Browns blew it. I mean, what in the name of Tim Couch were team officials thinking when they used Thursday...