FIVE REASONS WHY . . . LeBron James gets it

5. He bought those customized suits for all of his Cleveland teammates before Game 3 against the Pacers. It's called bonding, even though they...

You would think the NBA has better things to worry about these days

Every week, check out Freelance Friday, featuring a rising journalist who is (ahem) a few decades younger than me. See their take on ....

Time Out with Terence: Game 4 of the 2018 NBA Finals in Review

:et's see. Didn't I predict a sweep for the Golden State Warriors? Yep. And here is something else to think about.

Time Out with Terence: Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals in Review

I'm back in Oxford, OH for Alumni Weekend, and here in the heart of Cleveland Cavalier country, I'm talking Game 3 of the NBA...

Stephen Curry did well for Golden State Warriors in Game 3, but not for...

Hopefully, this was a fluke. Surely we didn't see the real Stephen Curry Sunday night in Oakland down the stretch of his Golden State...

In NBA Eastern Conference playoffs, 76ers against Celtics isn’t necessarily good

It's Rocky Balboa versus Rocky Marciano. It's cheesesteaks versus clam chowder. Mostly, for historians into the return of the once mighty to prominence after...

Time Out with Terence: “LeBron did WHAT???”

OK, OK. LeBron did what? No, seriously. Anyway, as I prepare for my weekly segment here in Atlanta at WSB-TV, I’m pausing, because I’ve...

Terence’s Take: Episode 19 “How are Donald Trump, LeBron James and Michael Jordan Connected?”

OK, I have more than a few thoughts about the trio of Donald Trump, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan. So pull up a chair...

Timeout with Terence: Lakers vs. Rockets

Punches between the Lakers and the Rockets? OK, this is exactly what the NBA doesn't need.